Main function introduction:


Phonebook: 200 contacts on the mobile phone can be synchronized;

Dial-up: connect to the mobile phone to dial out, you can make a call on the watch side;

Call record: The call record of the mobile phone can be synchronized;

Information: Synchronize 10 short messages on the mobile phone (not supported by IOS mobile phones).

● Notification: You can query real-time messages such as QQ/WeChat. This function needs to be connected to the "M Active" application on the mobile phone to use.

● Bluetooth: Search for the device to be connected, or disconnect the connected device.

● Pedometer: You can view the number of steps you walked, calorie consumption and walking distance on the day. At 12 o'clock every night, the data of the day will be saved and reset to 0. Swipe up to enter the options, status, there are options to close or open; history records, you can view 7-day local history records; goals, you can set goals for the number of steps per day; please enter your gender, height, weight and other information, so that it can be more accurate Measure your own exercise data.

● Sleep monitoring: Your sleep duration and quality will be recorded every night from 10 am to 8 am, to help you better adjust your work and rest time and improve sleep quality. Swipe up to enter the options, status, there are close and open options; history records, view the length of deep sleep and light sleep; help, detailed instructions for use.

● Heart rate monitoring: Put the watch close to your wrist, and the best place to wear it is the wrist bone above your arm. The real-time heart rate value can be measured. The normal value of the average person is 60-90 beats/min. Click the start mark at the bottom to show that it is measuring, and the value will be measured after about 20 seconds.

● Blood pressure: start monitoring when you enter it. When monitoring, please lay your hands flat, the data will be out after about tens of seconds. Generally, the older the older the higher the blood pressure, and the lower the female is than the male.

● ECG: Using the technology of combining optical heart rate and ECG, you need to start the measurement in "M Active", which takes about 30 seconds. After the measurement is completed, the watch will display the ToAPP interface. The ECG is saved on the mobile phone "M Active" and can be viewed.

● Body temperature: The body temperature will be measured as soon as you enter. The normal body temperature is 35.9-37.2 degrees. The body temperature is different at various times of the day. The maximum temperature difference exceeds 1 degree. If it exceeds 37.3 degrees, it is considered a low-grade fever.

● Sedentary reminder: Set a reminder time for sedentary sitting, and it will automatically ring the reminder when the time is up.

● Anti-lost: Click Find, the phone will sound an alarm; you can also enter the phone APP to find the device function, and the watch will sound an alarm.

● Alarm clock: You can customize five alarm clocks; long press to enter to delete the alarm clock.

● Calendar: View the calendar.

● Bluetooth music: can play music in the phone synchronously.

● Bluetooth camera: The phone is on any interface of M Active, the watch enters Bluetooth to take a photo, tap the watch to take a photo, and the photo is stored on the phone.

● Stopwatch: Turn on this function for single or multiple timing.

● Calculator: Enter to perform simple calculations.

● Settings: Various local settings can be made

Bluetooth settings: Enter to turn Bluetooth on or off.

Clock: clock type, there are multiple standby dials to choose from; time synchronization, which is turned on by default, will synchronize the phone time after connecting to the phone, if you want to manually adjust the time, you must turn off this function;

Incoming message bright screen: Turn on the incoming notification will brighten the screen, but the power consumption is high.

Sound: You can choose the scene mode of incoming calls, choose the ringtone, choose the notification ringtone; volume, you can adjust the volume of multimedia, ringtones, notifications, etc.;

Display: Enter the adjustable screen brightness and the duration of backlight off;

Restore factory settings: Generally, when there is any software problem, restore factory settings can solve it;

About: You can view the watch model and software version.

● Language: Automatic synchronization is turned on by default, and the phone language will be synchronized after connecting the phone. If you want to manually select the language, you must turn off this function.

● Action: Support call flipping mute, alarm clock flipping mute, gesture wake-up system (that is, raising the hand to automatically turn on the screen), shaking to answer the phone.

● This product supports IP68 waterproof, supports rain, hand washing, swimming and wearing. Hot showers or saunas cannot be worn to prevent water vapor.